Why Women Won’t Get Bulky From Lifting Heavy Weights

Are you worried that if you lift heavy weights you’re going to get too bulky?

Everywhere you look on fitness sites you see women and men looking huge and ripped.

All you really want is to lose some fat and get that “toned” look.

Everyone is telling you to lift lighter weight for high reps, don’t pick up anything heavy,
and do hours of cardio.

The fitness industry is like the wild west where people peddle nonsense.

Women Won’t Get Bulky

I’m going to tell you the truth about women and why they get bulky and huge.

It’s called Testosterone. Women that you see who are big and “bulky” are taking steroids.
So, unless you’re shooting steroids I wouldn’t worry about getting too “big”. If anything… you should
worry about getting too attractive from lifting weights.

Women and men are very different when it comes to putting on muscle. The average male produces 10x the amount of testosterone ( 700 ng/dl ) than the average female ( 70 ng/dl ). Testosterone increases muscle protein synthesis resulting in increased muscle mass.

Men have contractile muscle fibers that are two times larger than women. In fact, research continues to reveal that although females can make significant increases in strength by weight training, they are not capable of increasing muscle size to the degree that men can.

It’s going to be an uphill struggle and viscous battle just to gain a few ounces of muscle because you just don’t have the testosterone to put on significant muscle mass.

Lifting Weights Makes Women More Attractive

For women, lifting heavy weights will make your muscle stronger, not bigger.

The bulky look that you see women get is simply attributed to their diet. Starting any type of fitness program and lifting weights, even as small as 5lbs, will put on muscle if you’ve never had it.

The reason you’re going to get bulky is because on top of the muscle created there’s still a layer of fat.

Lifting heavy weights, and eating more than your body requires makes you bigger and bulkier because you are putting on FAT.

Lifting heavy and eating enough to support lean muscle but not fat…

Your muscles will get stronger, and become denser.

You will burn that layer of fat creating a lean and “toned” look.

If you’re getting too bulky it’s not because of muscle… it’s because of fat and your diet.

Proof is in the Pudding

Check out Kate upton. She’s been working with a trainer for the past 8 months. She does heavy deadlifts, pushes prowlers, squats.

Every exercise you’ve ever been told not to do because it will make you look bulky…

Kate is doing them.

From People Magazine-

Upton can now deadlift over 200 lbs., do sled pushes with 500 lbs., and do bear crawls with 300 lbs.


Does she look bulky to you?





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