CrossFit Hard Boiled El Cajon 92020

Client Story – Terry Arnold

Just the Beginning

I came to CrossFit Hard Boiled because I was tired and stressed.  I wanted that feeling back of being able to respond to every day situations. I would like to thank Bill Brooks for encouraging me to get started. When I first arrived I was worried that I would embarrass myself and not be able to perform.  Everyone at Crossfit is very supportive and there are no ego trips.

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I could really tell I was improving and progressing along the first time I was able to do box jumps and push ups.

CrossFit Hard Boiled El Cajon 92020

Right now I’m working on trying to get my core back and do a pull up.  Working on endurance, then strength will follow.

CrossFit Hard Boiled El Cajon CA 92020


My favorite CrossFit memory is every time I finish a workout without collapsing is a good memory.


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