Do This Ring Dip Progression For Faster Results

CrossFit Hard Boiled Ring Dip Progression

Are you trying to do ring dips with a band? Does it feel like you’re even making any progress?

Do you have a ring dip progression that your following to get you on the rings?

Getting people to a ring dip takes a steady progression. We don’t like to use bands because the amount of help it gives is sporadic through the whole range of motion.

Try doing this variation of dips on a box.

You want to aim for 5 sets of 10 before moving on to the parallel dip bar.

Before moving on to the dip bar you want to make sure you can do all sets with your legs out in front of you with your heels down.

This is the ring dip progression I like to have our members follow

Dips on the box
Negatives on the dip bar
Dips on the dip bar

You should be able to do 5 sets of 10 reps before moving on to the next ring dip progression.

For negatives you want to limit the amount of reps you do. I don’t have people doing more than 10.

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