I was researching affiliates that were close to work. When I found Hard Boiled, I watched the videos posted on the website. I liked their style. They seemed very friendly and approachable.

It was also really easy to set up an appointment to come in and talk. I had previously tried to get into on-ramp classes at another local Crossfit and it never happened because it was impossible to coordinate schedules and get a call back.

Hard Boiled is not like what I think of as the stereotypical Crossfit. No-one is throwing up in a bucket. We aren’t pushed and prodded past reasonable limits.

The workouts are challenging but they are entirely do-able. You can go as heavy and hard as you want, or you can back off if that is what is right for you as well.

Everyone is here to do their own workout.

At first I was terrified of the pictures. I have always hated having my picture taken. I learned that the pictures are very helpful. I see them and I am amazed that I can do those things.

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