Getting Things Done – The Pomodoro Technique

You’ve got a pile of work to do so you set aside a few hours to crack down and get things down.

Two hours in and you still haven’t even made a dent. You’ve done everything but work. You surfed online, checked your email, and exhausted all your Instagram dog feeds.
I struggle with outside distractions and staying focused when I’m working on projects. I’ve tried setting aside 3 – 5 hour time blocks where I just work but that never seems to work out.
One thing that’s helped me tremendously is the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo.
Basically your work is set up in 25 minute blocks with 5 minutes of rest.
Before I start I’ll write down 1 task I need to complete in a 25 minute block. I’ll start the timer and focus completely on getting this task. I won’t do anything but work on this. At the end of 25 minutes my timer will go off and I get a 5 minute break.
If I didn’t complete the task I simply set up another 25 minute block to work on it.  If I happen to complete that task before my 25 minutes is up I just write down a new task and work on that until the timer goes.
The Pomodoro technique is simple and effective. The timeframe is short enough for me to stay completely focused and yet still long enough to get a lot of work done.
Here’s where I first heard about it:
For my timer I like to use this online one from Tomato Timer.
I like how you can also enable desktop alerts through your browser as well.
Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

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