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We hear you. CrossFit is intimidating.

You just want to be fit, look good at the beach, and not be all hardcore.

Here’s the thing. CrossFit style workouts burn fat like crazy.

FIT workouts, we take out the heavy weights, complex movements, and just leave the parts that matter to you.

Fat burning and muscle “toning”.

We keep your heart rate up with simple yet challenging moves that anyone can learn.

So… If you’re crazy bored of the treadmill and want to “shake things up” and try a workout that will give you the results you desire and the fun you crave.

FIT offers a workout like none other. It will blast fat—and it is a blast to do!

We’ll use fun fitness “toys” like dumbbells, kettle-bells, sandbags, med-balls, sleds, ropes, etc…

So why wait? Try FIT and get in the best shape of your life!


4 Benefits of FIT Workouts


Burn More Fat

Research shows you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minutes of high intensity training than someone jogging on the treadmill for an hour.


Fountain of Youth

HIIT stimulates production of your human growth hormone (HGH) by up to 450 percent during the 24 hours after you finish your workout.  HGH is not only responsible for increased caloric burn but also slows down the aging process, making you younger both inside and out!


Tone Every Zone

Studies show that both weight training and HIIT workouts allow dieters to preserve their hard-earned muscles while ensuring most of the weight lost comes from fat stores.


Build a Magnificent Ticker

One 2006 study found that after 8 weeks of doing HIIT workouts, subjects could bicycle twice as long as they could before the study, while maintaining the same pace.

Your Age, Size, and Experience are just fine

There’s no complex moves or heavy weight. Everything is beginner friendly and can be done by anyone.

How To Get Started

We make it super easy to start with us.
Follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Your first workout with us is FREE!

Now what’s better than that?!?!

Just click the button below to get started.

First Class Free

Step 2

After you’ve seen how great our workouts are sign up for a monthly membership or get a punch card.

There are no contracts so you don’t need to fake your death to cancel.

Step 3

Show up.

Have fun.

Get sweaty.

Feel great.

Take selfies of your results.



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