Is CrossFit Hard Boiled Right For You?

“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”

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3 Reasons Why Our Members Chose Us Over Other Gyms

No Egos

We’re not pro athletes or fitness models.

No meatheads or gym creepers here.

Just normal people looking to get in better shape, get rid of stress, and live a better life.

Beginner Friendly

Our program meets you exactly where your at.

You’ll get a customized program designed around your skill level so no matter where you are we’ll meet you right there.

We Make It Fun

Our workouts are fun. We hear this all the time, so we’ll repeat it: This is FUN.  

Members encourage each other. There is lots of sweat, but plenty of laughter, too.

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If you’re like us you tried going to the big box gym but never really got into it. The thought of running on a treadmill or waiting endlessly for machines to open up was exciting as a root canal.

You just want a fun workout that will keep you interested and motivated. A gym full of friendly people who smile and coaches you can trust that can show you what to do.


There’s a better way to lose weight, get stronger, and become healthier. Workouts that don’t require long boring hours on the treadmill or stupid celebrity starvation diets.

A workout you’ll look forward to doing each time.

Over the 7 years we’ve been training people…

We’ve found that the single best way to permanently change your body and truly feel good is to move to a healthy relationship with not just food and exercise but with hidden factors like sleep, relaxation and play. This is what we do, and we love it.

CrossFit Hard Boiled is right for you if…


• You’re not totally confident with what to do in the gym, and you want the instruction of a professional trainer to ensure you work out correctly, don’t injure yourself, and get results.

• You want to be educated on the key things that help you get healthy such as food, sleep, training and play, so that you can implement them in your own life with ease.

• You want a friendly environment where people say hi to each other and there’s no ego.

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I knew Crossfit Hard Boiled would be a great fit because it pushed me to my limits and was perfect for beginners. Sharr Martin
Hard Boiled has been the only “gym” that I have ever returned to, and precisely because it is not a regular gym is probably why I keep coming back. Luis Blanco

What Results Can You Expect?


In 4 weeks you’ll need to buy new clothes because you’re old ones are too big.

Your friends will ask you to teach them what to do to look as great as you.

Booked Weekends – Because of your new fitness you’ll get to experience life even more.


Ready to Get Back in Shape?

Join our members and get the results you’ve been looking for.

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