Discipline Equals Freedom – Jocko Willink

It’s been a long day. You got to bed late, woke up early, skipped lunch at work because it was so busy, and the moment work is over you just want to sit down, relax, and just skip the gym.


I completely understand how you feel. In the scheme of things what’s one day.


Well… pretty much nothing. It’s no big deal having days like this here and there.


It becomes a big deal when you consistently have days like this throughout the week.


When days like this happen to me consistently it’s a huge red flag that my discipline is going to crap.



Do yourself a huge solid and start listening to Jocko’s podcast. He talks a lot about getting things done and being disciplined enough to see it through.


A lot of his anecdotes and comparisons are from his time leading men in battle so there may be moments when you feel like this doesn’t relate to you.


But it does!


When he talks about the enemy I simply replace it in my head with… Procrastination, laziness, fitness, and not getting things done in my life.


He’ll talk about aggressively attacking the enemy and I ask myself… “Am I aggressively getting after my goals?”


Did I do everything I possibly could today to get me closer to my goals?


When you’re sitting in your car during your commute time put this podcast on and get things done.


Here’s a recent podcast that I really enjoyed

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