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What is CrossFit Hard Boiled Like?

It’s personal training, but in a group setting to make it more fun!

Our workouts include all kinds of stuff… we row, lift weights, run, jump on stuff… we do pull-ups, push-ups, squats.

The workouts are different every day (not random) so you never get bored, and they are scalable to any fitness level.

We have complete beginners working out next to competitive athletes, but they are each working out at their own level of intensity. Most of the workouts are done for time, so it’s up to you to set the pace for yourself.

If you avoid the gym like the plague because your workout is “boring”, then you HAVE to come try CrossFit! It’s a fun way to get in the best shape of your life.

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Is CrossFit Hard Boiled Right For You?

Complete Beginner – If you’ve never stepped foot into a gym or let alone lifted weights than this is your beginning. We’ll show you the ins and outs of lifting in a friendly and supportive environment. You’re going to get so good as this stuff that people will ask you to teach them.

Fitness Aficionado – You love that feeling of pushing yourself and being drenched in sweat and exhausted at the end of workout. You want to walk out of the gym knowing you just got better.

Former Athlete – Do you miss that feeling of team-work, camaraderie, and competition? CrossFit workouts have a built in competition aspect to it. Workouts have a time component in them so you can compete against yourself or others in the gym.

You’re Looking For Support and Motivation – You’re not just a monthly payment here. You’re part of the Hard Boiled family and we want to see you succeed. We’re a tight knit community that cheers, supports, hold you accountable, and motivates you exactly when you need it.

Sore?   Tired?   Sweaty?   Out of breath?

Good.. It’s working.

How Do You Get Started With Us?

To get started schedule a free intro session and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

Step 1

Your first step in getting started is to try out a free class.

Click the button below to sign up for one of our classes.

After you tried out the class you can sign up for our CrossFit 101 course.

Try a Free Class

Step 2

Complete our CrossFit 101 course. You’ll learn all the movements you will see in our workouts.

Each session is just like a normal class. Learn a skill and do a workout.

At the end you’ll feel confident and comfortable in our group classes.

Step 3

Sign up for a membership

Show up for class

Meet people

Have fun

Do the workout

Get results

*memberships are all month to month. NO CONTRACTS

What People Are Saying About Us

After my intro sessions, I knew Crossfit Hard Boiled would be a great fit because it pushed
me to my limits and was perfect for beginners. Sharr Martin
Exactly what I was looking for to challenge myself and get the results I’ve wanted.Jose Serrano
I was researching affiliates that were close to work. When I found Hard Boiled, I watched the videos posted on the website. You seemed very friendly and approachable. Rebecca Eitleberg

Frequently Asked Questions

In 4 weeks time you will absolutely feel healthier, stronger and happier about yourself.
We don’t do diets. Instead, you get personalized food programming around your health goals; using foods you prefer.
Absolutely! If you’re a complete beginner you should be starting here.

We teach you the ins and outs of everything. Consider it a school of fitness.

No. What’s going to make you bulky is eating like crap and not working out.
You’re age, size, and experience doesn’t matter at all. Everyone here at CF Hard Boiled started out as complete beginners.

They had the same worries and problems you have and discovered we are completely NON-judgmental.

Everything is tailored to meet you where you are NOW… to get you were you want to go.

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