I sit at a desk staring at a monitor 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I can feel my desk and chair slowly robbing me of my strength, flexibility, and overall happiness. What ever happened to physically testing your body to it’s max potential by breaking through mental and physical barriers? Do you remember that life you wanted to live when you were young? I wanted to be running around, climbing trees and mountains, and exploring the world. Instead I sat on my couch and watched Battlestar Gallactica (Which is awesome by the way).

8 years ago I was overweight and my double chin had it’s own chin. The movie 300 had just come out with it’s actors abs busting out of the screen. I came home that night, sat on my couch, grabbed my fat rolls in my hand and thought to myself, “How did I get here?” That question quickly faded as I asked myself, “What’s my plan for getting rid of it?”

I searched for the 300 workout and it led me to CrossFit. That next day I called up CrossFit San Diego and set up my appointment with Lisa the next day. That workout she made me do is permanently etched into my brain. I remember the agony and exhaustion I felt still so vividly. The workout seemed so simple that day when she told me.

Throw a 10lb ball up against a wall 20 times
Slam it on the ground 15 times
Run 200m

Repeat 3 times

I silently laughed in my mind. That’s it?!?! At the end I wasn’t laughing any more. This small workout destroyed me but at the end I felt alive. I wasn’t pushing against some weird contraption in a big globo gym. Muscles were activating that always remain dormant when using machines. I was finally moving in a way that my body was designed to move and doing things it was meant to excel at. I was hooked immediately.

“I want more!”, raced through my mind and pretty much everyone else who loves CrossFit.

The next day I signed up immediately and continued to train at CrossFit San Diego for the next 8 years and the last 4 I became one of the coaches there. I love CrossFit because it provides an ever changing program that constantly tests my physical abilities. When I do CrossFit I’m training myself to not suck at life.


CrossFit Certifications:

 Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Other Certifications:

 R.A.D. Basic Physical Defense Instructor

 JesusFit Combat Conditioning Coach

Education: Associates of Arts and Science- Olympic College (Bremerton, WA)

Favorite workout and why:  Anything that uses heavy weights. I love the strength and

power portion of CrossFit.

Least Favorite workout and why:  Burpees! Just the sheer name rings terror.

Favorite “Cheat” Meal:  Am I really supposed to admit to cheat meals? It’s hard to go

wrong with an In-N- Out 4×4 protein style burger.

Favorite “Healthy” Meal:  10 scrambled egg whites with a little Sriracha!

Favorite thing about coaching CrossFit:  My favorite thing about coaching CrossFit is

watching and being a part of people improve their lifestyle to one of fitness and healthy

choices. I’ve seen what fitness has done in my life and I want to share its benefits with


Fitness background before CrossFit:  I’ve been weightlifting for the past 6 years and

I’ve grown up playing sports such as baseball and soccer. For a number of years I

competed in mountain biking, wakeboarding and snowboarding so I’ve always been

training for something. I’ve competed in over a dozen Spartan Races and I’ve ran in

Tough Mudders and done Epic Series Elite Heat courses.

Favorite activity outside of CrossFit:  Doing obstacle course races and playing softball.

Favorite Movie:  Zoolander! (Hansel, he’s so hot right now.)

Favorite Music/Band: Hip-Hop/ Jay Z

Favorite Book: Who has time to read when there’s exercising and lifting to be done?