The Big Lie You’re Telling Yourself That’s Preventing Your Success


I’m going to ask you one thing so I want you to sit back and think about this.

Why would you or do you work out?

At first this is question seems really easy.

Does this sound like your answer?

“I want to get healthier and fitter.”

That’s not the answer.  It’s too broad and general.  There’s no feeling or emotion behind it.

It’s like telling your boss you want a raise but you don’t care how much it is.

Sit back and think about this.

If you could have the body you’ve always wanted what would it look like?

Would you be sleek and lean or built like a tank?

Is your body built for speed or power? Maybe even a combination of both.

What would you use this new found fitness for?

Would compete in sports? Climb mountains? Surf big waves?

How is your life going to be different?

Can you see yourself being more confident and decisive?

What things will you accomplish and how will it make you feel?

Now, that you know what you want.  It’s time to start the plan to get there.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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