The 3 Compound Exercises You Need To Put On Serious Muscle

Is packing on muscle your goal?

You’ll need to know these 3 compound exercises.

The squat, deadlift, and shoulder press.

Compound movements are great for putting on mass because it requires multiple muscle groups to work in unison.

Benefits of the Squat, Deadlift, and Press

  • Release Muscle Building Hormones – Testosterone and growth hormone increase following a heavy strength building session.
  • Rock Solid Core – Engages and trains your core. Full body compound movements require engagement of your abdominals and back muscles.
  • Supple and Pliant – Compound lifts require full range of motion of your body.
  • Reduced Chance of Injury – Strengthens joints, tendons, and connective tissues. Increases bone density.
  • Improved Workout Efficiency – Consider your muscles an engine. The more you pack on the bigger and more bad ass that engine gets.
  • Build Muscle All Over – These 3 lifts work your whole entire body. The more you lift, the stronger you get, and the more lean muscle you put on your body.

The Squat


  • Shoulder width stance
  • Toes slightly pointed out
  • Bar rests on the upper back
  • Hands outside the shoulders
  • Elbows point back to create a shelf for the bar
  • Hips go back and down
  • Squat to where the hips are below the knees
  • Keep knees aligned with toes


The Deadlift


  • Hip width stance
  • Hands outside of hips
  • Full grip on bar
  • Shoulders slightly in front of the bar
  • Lumbar curve maintained
  • Hips and shoulders rise at the same rate
  • Bar moves over the middle of the foot
  • Heels down
  • Complete at full hip and knee extension

The Shoulder Press


  • Hip width stance
  • Hands just outside of shoulders
  • Elbows slightly in front of the bar
  • Heels Down
  • Torso and legs static
  • Complete at full arm extension

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