Train with us for 30 days  for $130 $99

See how we are changing peoples lives in El Cajon.


Free 30 Day Beginner Program

Couch to CrossFit is a beginner oriented program to get you ready for CrossFit.

No special equipment needed and can be done in your home.


CrossFit Hard Boiled is a gym in El Cajon that offers members a custom tailored training experience unlike any other.

  • Get Rapid Results that Last
    You’ll get visible results in your first 4 weeks and then continue transforming your health and body faster than you might yet believe.

    All the Motivation and Support You Need Now
    We want you to succeed!

    Members get regularly scheduled one-on-on diagnostic consultations with a Personal Trainer,  massive social support, and access to our private online Facebook community.

    You Don’t Need to Diet
    We don’t do diets. Instead, you get personalized food programming around your health goals; using foods you prefer.

  • It’s FUN!
    We like to have a good time together and keep it fresh…so every workout session is different (yet purposefully planned…not random!).

    You’ll work with fitness “toys” like ropes, balls, kettle bells, sandbags, boxes, dumbbells, and everything between.

    All in a clean, private, and professional facility.

    Everything is Included
    We’ll hold you accountable, teach you the 9 components of fitness, and deliver inspiring and challenging sessions.

    You’ll get everything you need to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be — as fast as science allows.

    Your Age, Size, and Experience are just fine
    Almost 95% of our members started off as complete beginners.

    They had the same worries and problems you have and discovered we are completely NON-judgmental.

    Everything is tailored to meet you where you are NOW… to get you were you want to go.

The last program you’ll need to feel the best you ever have.