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Who are the people at CrossFit Hard Boiled?

I love working out here. I’m not in shape by any means but this gym helps me get better.

They are willing to modify any of the work outs so I can keep going. The reason I really love this gym is because everyone that works out here are just regular Joe’s wanting to get healthy.

If you ever wanted to try CrossFit but we’re intimidated by the workout or the people, this is the place to be. They are the most welcoming bunch.


After starting a gym routine, it became very boring and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted to see. I knew I needed to get into something that would make working out fun again.

A few of my friends were into Crossfit, so I decided to do some research and find a CrossFit gym that would work for me. After my intro sessions, I knew CrossFit Hard Boiled would be a great fit because it pushed me to my limits and was perfect for beginners.

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I have made some great friendships with the people I work out with. It’s nice to come into the gym and know your buddy is going be right there next to you.

We do competitions together and we even hangout outside of the gym(no gym clothes). I have gotten asked why do I go so far to a CrossFit it gym when there’s plenty of closer ones… the answer is simple. The friendliness, the bonds we have made, and the people…thats why I stay.

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Hard Boiled is not like what I think of as the stereotypical Crossfit. No-one is throwing up in a bucket. We aren’t pushed and prodded past reasonable limits.

The workouts are challenging but they are entirely do-able. You can go as heavy and hard as you want, or you can back off if that is what is right for you as well.

Everyone is here to do their own workout.

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