Are you tired of the extra weight and want to get in shape?

Lose Weight

Have more confidence. You’ll feel better, have more energy, lose fat, and lead a happier life.

Beginner Friendly

Are you new to working out? In our beginners only class you’ll feel comfortable and at ease while we guide you through your workout.


3 reasons why you SHOULD NOT  start our program:

  • Connector.

    You like feeling lethargic and tired all day.

  • Connector.

    You enjoy punching new holes in your belt every few months because it gives you a project.

  • Connector.

    You love monotonous workouts that never change or offer any type of excitement.


Getting Started Is Easy

Step 1:

Your first step in getting started is to set up a FREE one on one intro.

The FREE Intro is so we can get to know you, learn about your athletic background, discuss your unique goals and get you set up for the best possible path to success.

By the end of this session, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to get maximum results from your training.

Step 2:

Following the FREE Intro Session all members are required to take 3 One on One Sessions with one of CFHB’s trainers.

The total cost is $150 for the 3 sessions which will cover the foundational movements in CrossFit as well as a workout.

Step 3:

At the completion of the 3 One on One’s the remainder of your month is free.

Depending on your comfort level you can set up additional One on Ones with a trainer, have a trainer alongside you during class for a discounted rate, or jump in on classes with the rest of the CFHB Community.

We want to make sure you are comfortable at the start of your CrossFit journey.

Don’t Miss Out. Schedule Your Free Intro Today!

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Our Pricing Plans

Fitness 101


Per Month
  • 2x A Week
  • 45 Minute Beginner Class
  • Build a Solid Fitness Foundation

CrossFit 2x A Week


Per Month
  • 1 HOUR Class